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Tips for managing Food Consumption at Night Part 2!
We are on Part 2 of our series about managing food consumption at night. This week, I’m going to give you 6 tips you can use right now to help you deal with those irresistible danger foods in the home. The strategy? Changing your food environment....
By Nick Hardwick
Exciting News
We’re super excited to bring on a new team member here at Hardwick.Life. You may have heard the most recent Finding Center Podcast featuring Casey Thomas, RD. If you haven’t...give it a listen here! We are so fortunate that Casey is going to be bringing us weekly nutritional nuggets and advice based on his wealth of experience in the science world...
By Nick Hardwick
I must say the word 20-30 times a day, easily. Whether out loud to my kids at their practices, at the high school where I coach football, or to myself when I am working out....
By Nick Hardwick
What is Performance Nutrition?
Last time I introduced myself as a Performance Dietitian (and gave you way too much information about myself). This time I’m going to tell you more about what performance nutrition is...
By Nick Hardwick
You Don't Have To...You Get To!👊
Sitting in a hotel room in Baltimore in November of 2016, preparing to call a football game featuring the Chargers and the Ravens, as the radio color analyst, I received a phone call from an unknown number.
By Nick Hardwick
The First Step To Big Success
You know the old saying, “You have to dream it if you want to achieve it.” I must’ve heard that at an early age, like a lot of you reading and really latched on to it, hard. 
By Nick Hardwick

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