Where does Jayme get all of these amazing recipes?

Shhh. Don’t tell her that her food is amazing! We don’t want it to go to her head! She spent a long time in the kitchen to become a good chef. Never to be one to follow a recipe, we suffered through lots of busted meals that we had to choke down. But after some, or lots of, constructive criticism from me (Nick), and maybe some hurt feelings here and there, she continued to persevere and plug away. Now she is a Rolodex of great meals and ideas. She looks at what we have in stock and sometimes googles those ingredients for a recipe idea. And then, of course, she makes it her own! Recipes be damned!

Does Nick Really drink the entire smoothie by himself?

Yes. Every last drop of the 64oz Vitamix. It’s mine, all mine.

How do you get your kids to eat healthy?

Pin them down and shove it down their throats! LOL!! JK. Really, we just continually introduce food to them and don’t get discouraged if they don’t immediately like it. They (the experts) say it takes kids 10 times of being introduced to a food to eventually develop a taste for it. Go in expecting rejection. But also plan on persistence. It’s a numbers game. The more times you try, the more you’ll likely succeed.

What breed is Dale the dog? And does he eat healthy too?!

Dale, hails from Tijuana, MX. We (Jayme and the boys) adopted him, after I was on the road, following the Chargers around, for an extensive period of time. Jayme was lonely and nervous at night without me. They met him at Whole Foods in La Jolla, thanks to a group called, St. Paco’s Second Chance Rescue. He was listed with the name Dale and nobody wanted to change it. So we have a Mexican dog with a Gringo name. After many times being asked if Dale is a coyote, we decided to do the saliva test and figure out his breed. He is part Husky, Shepherd, Samoyed, Schnauzer, and 20-30% unknown (maybe coyote). Who knows?! He does get a lot of table scraps and so it’s fair to say that he eats as healthfully as the rest of the gang.

Why should I buy Hardwick.Life supplements?

Because they’re the best! And you deserve the best! But seriously, they are PHARMACEUTICAL GRADE supplements.


To have this highest classification, the supplements have to contain 99% of the pure product that is claimed on the label. The same CANNOT be said for over the counter products bought at some of the big box stores, drugstores, or on Amazon and eBay. There is a reason those companies are able to sell their product for such low prices. Because they reduce their prices by using fillers, dyes, or other unknown substances, including wheat and beans, which some of you may be allergic to, or not containing any of the labeled product at all. Many pharmaceutical-grade companies work with medical practitioners, labs, and universities in order to execute clinical trials that have the ability to demonstrate the effectiveness of their specific formula. For example, you can see our Doctor’s Reference Sheets available for all of our products. The claims we tout are backed by scientific trials and evidence. Otherwise we wouldn’t claim them! Pharmaceutical grade also means they are 3rd party tested for quality and purity throughout the manufacturing process. You can rest easy knowing you are taking EXACTLY what thought you purchased.

Which supplements do you take?

I (Nick) them all! The more the merrier for me. I’m like humpty dumpty. After 30,000 hits to the brain and body, it is taking all of the kings horses and all of the kings men to put me back together again. I never miss the Brain.Life though. In fact, I take two of them both morning and night. It helps with everything. Brain health, heart health, and joint health. Jayme loves the Gut.Life. I think like a lot of women, she has some...regularity issues (She’s going to kill me when she reads this!) They really do help with waste transit time through the digestive system. Read the doctor’s reference sheet attached to the product.

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